10 things you don't know about me

10 things you don't know about me
10 things you don't know about me

10 things you don't know about me

10 things you don't know about me 10 Things You Don't Know About Me

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A lot of you know me or are getting to know me. You know I have an adoring husband, 2 step kiddos, grew up on an island. But did you know that I did ballet for 18 years, or that I am one of eleven? In this “10 things you don’t know about me”, we will get better acquainted! Let me know what surprises you or what doesn’t.

1) Yes, I did ballet and other forms of dance from the age of 3 until I was 21. Dancing has brought me all kinds of opportunities such as taking classes from Travis Wall (SYTYCD), Mia Michaels (best known for SYTYCD) and Mikhail Baryshnikov (Russian ballet dancer). I still take a class from time-to-time. My soul is happiest when dancing. I really should do it more, and I don’t mean dancing in “da club”. Ha-ha.

2) 11 brothers and sisters? What? This is totally true. 9 of them are half brothers and sisters, but I love them fully just the same. My mom had 2 in a previous marriage and my dad had 7 in a previous marriage. My sister and I are told we come from the second litter. They are all bit older, but now that I am in my 30’s, we all really get along. I truly appreciate them so much!

3) I was a nanny in college and during my early 20’s. I took care of 2 families for the most part. One of the families has three kids and the other has one. I am still super close with all of them. So close in fact, they were all in our wedding. Leah will actually be visiting next week. She comes quite often. She has contributed to this blog as she may want to be a journalist. You can check out her recent post here. These kids and their parents are just like family to me. I am so truly blessed!

4) How did I meet Trent? Great story, so glad you asked. My best friend was perusing Match.com when low and behold she met this cute guy moving to Florida from Chicago. Once he was settled in, they went on a couple dates. She wasn’t “feeling it” and told him that she would like to introduce him to her friend. He and I met for sushi and became really great pals. About a month later, he asked me on a proper date. The rest is history.

5) Maybe you didn’t know I grew up on an Island. I realize I mentioned it above, but a lot of people don’t know that Sanibel is an Island. We had alligators sunbathe in our backyard, lived 10 minutes from the beach (walking), were actively involved in the shell fair, and I was a Jr. Naturalist. It was a really amazing place to call home.

6) Random…I love the smell of rubbing alcohol. I’m a weirdo. I know.

7) I went to college for pre-physical therapy. However, when I graduated, I decided I wanted to work for Gartner (a technology research company) and took a different path. That decision has opened other opportunities and taken me on a great career journey. I have no regrets about not going to PT school for my DPT.

8) I have a big heart for animals. Growing up in FL there is so much wildlife. I have many times stopped on a busy street to help a turtle cross the road, or taken injured birds to CROW. The vet used to call my family every time they would get a stray in, because they knew we were suckers. LOL! I now have Dakota who is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, I know she is a dog, but the love of a dog is the most unconditional love ever! If I could have 10 dogs, I would.  But, our apartment in Chicago won’t permit that right now. 😉

9) I have met and had conversations with John Stamos, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Chris Noth and Leann Rimes. This was all random luck.

10) I will read a bunch of books in a short period of time, and then not read any for 6 months or so.

Bonus fun fact…I LOVE MAXI DRESSES! Everyone have a great Wednesday!

With Love, Melanie