Hi WLM friends!

Eeeeekkk! Here it is…my very first blog post as a Chicago lifestyle blogger. It has taken me months to write this, because I have had so many emotions about starting my first post. I’ve been scared, nervous, excited, worried, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, happy, nostalgic, exhausted, rejuvenated, silly, just to name a few!  But, who are we kidding, it’s a laundry list. I must have started this post 100 times! Then I realized, one of the reasons I decided to start “With love, Melanie” is to express my passions and tell my stories; all while living an authentic life in hopes to inspire others. I just need to do that!

I’m guessing if you are here, we probably have something in common. Maybe you love to cook or get all dolled up. Perhaps you have been going through something hard, and you need a little getaway. Hopefully, WLM gives you a little break in your busy day.

Now you must be wondering how “With Love, Melanie” came to be?

Great question. I currently work in the sales/consulting world for a high tech company. I do love my job, however, something was definitely missing.

Growing up I was extremely artistic and creative. Dance, theater, art and creative writing consumed my life. As I have become an adult, that part of me has somehow faded away. I did (and do) however notice myself getting into planning parties, cooking a gourmet dinner, decorating my home, doing art projects with my step kids and styling outfits. This was how I was channeling my creativity. Then it hit me, I should start a lifestyle blog!

It’s been a long time coming; a little glimmer of an idea, and now, I am just going for it. I did research, brought in some resources and voila! I will tell you, it’s really scary putting yourself out there but also so important. This is a true passion project. A place where I can be myself and create things of beauty. A platform to jot down my thoughts and share them with others. It really is about what I love.

As “With Love, Melanie” progresses, it could take on a different focus. For now, I really want it to be relevant to all of the areas that make my soul happy. The categories I chose are very much a part of my everyday life.

If you all have something that you are passionate about, and you’d like me to touch on, please contact me. I’d love to get ideas from you.

With that, please sit back, relax, and stay awhile. I hope you love “With Love, Melanie” as much as I love creating it.

With Love, Melanie