Suede Jacket from Zappos, Jeans from the Gap, Wedges from Target, Necklace from Target (on sale), T-Shirt from Trent’s drawer…for real

A Chill Weekend

A Chill Weekend


Happy hump day! WHOA, what a week so far, hence my delay in getting this post out. Sorry about that. Any who, our weekend was relatively pretty chill.

On Saturday, hubs and I headed to SIP up in the Irving Park area. Brunch, unlimited mimosas, rainbows and butterflies…you catch my drift. I had the BEST avocado toast! Here is what I am talking about…a bagel with cream cheese, avocado, mixed greens, fresh shaved radish and sprouts. It had a chili lemon vinaigrette. Seriously, so nutritious but also delicious!!! (I’ll be right back, I need a snack now.)

After brunching, I headed over to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and met up with some of my blogging pals. The Conservatory is absolutely beautiful! Exotic scents and views everywhere you look. It truly feels like a little slice of paradise.

With it still being a bit nippy in Chicago, I decided it’s the perfect time to pull out my new suede jacket. I love it because it is so transitional from spring to summer to fall…probably not winter. Womp womp… (You can check out my favorite leather jacket here if you need something a bit heavier.)

While there, we snapped some amazing pictures (a few are in this post) and had some really good laughs. It is definitely awkward sometimes taking pictures in random places with a lot of people just staring at you. Ehhh, I’ve decided to let that go and just have fun with it though.

Now it was a little after 5 and I was off to meet Trent for dinner. Yes, we basically ate our way thru the weekend.

We decided to venture over to Summer House, which is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Chicago. Every time I walk in, I feel like I am in California near the beach. It has this calming, peaceful vibe with bright natural light and DELICIOUS everything. We watched the Derby and made some friends at the bar. I tend to make friends everywhere I go. My mom always said, I have never met a stranger.

Saturday night after dinner, we went home and chilled out. I am proud of us…we actually made it to SNL time. It’s usually more of a Sunday morning occurrence for us since we like to go to bed so early these days.

Sunday we headed over to Lincoln Park with Dakota (our doggie) and took some more photos. Trent is getting really good at this whole photography thing.

In the evening, we went to Studio Three for a spin class. Once home, we just hung out and relaxed. It’s nice when you have those days where you can be totally lazy don’t have anything definitive planned and can just take the day how it comes.

Hoping you all had a lazy relaxing weekend, too!


With Love, Melanie