Fall Mantel Decor and More

Are we sensing a theme?  I have been falling into fall as if it were going to last forever.  Sadly, it already feels like “winter is coming”.  We haven’t even had any gourd-geous fall weather (c’mon, you’d do it, too) and my favorite fall coat made maybe one appearance?!  Despite all of this, I still want to feel all the fall feels. So, what is a girl to do?  Why decorate of course!

I have a lot of people ask me how do I come up with my decor, and the truth is I experiment…a lot.  Kinda like college, but different, too (ok, bad joke).  I have found that working with many textures and materials is better than trying to be too matchy, matchy.  I tend to use things I already have and keep those as a staple all year round (except for the holidays).

For instance, I’ll take vases and fill them with seasonal materials.  You can also flip them over and set a candle on top to make a candle holder.  The wood candle holders have a vintage feel but can also look rustic when paired with the right details.  These are old, but check out similar here.  Remember though, you can mix and match materials, so glass, metal other candle holders that fit your style will work well, too.

Personal touches make a difference.  See the “C”, and how about the gold dish.  Those again are year round items that I incorporate into my fall look.  You may have a picture or another trinket that can be included.  You don’t have to go over the top and can make simple changes that blend in nicely with the harvest theme.

Ok, now for the festive part.  Garland.  Garland, garland garland.  It is a must for me when it comes to the holiday season.  Last year I did an orange, yellow and red color scheme, but I wanted to keep it a bit more neutral for 2017.  So, this garland, from Michaels, was perfect!  I added the pine cones for an extra autumn vibe.  I didn’t have to glue them or anything.  Just stuck the leaves between the layers of the pine cone.  Pine cones are great for fall and transition nicely into winter too.  For my next trick, I picked up a of couple heritage pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and threw them in the mix.  The white are falltastic for my neutral harvest. Quick side note: Here is the link for our painting if you are wondering. It was inexpensive and we LOVE it.

Also, here are some good tips to think about.

Use different heights and don’t make anything too “uniform”.
For coffee table styling, use groupings. I always suggest an odd number.
Fresh flowers make a world of difference when adding a homey touch to any room.
Candles , candles, candles…
Get inspiration from bloggers and Pinterest.
Use different materials and seasonal filler. (Fall leaves and natural items found outside can work great…and they are free!)

And I am by no means a professional. These are just tidbits that have helped me create spaces that make me happy. Oh, and I LOVE doing this.

With that, I’ll leave you with 2 additional tips that are the most important.  Promise you won’t tell…oh who am I kidding, tell the world.  First, after I have finished styling a room, I leave the room for at least 30 minutes.  After that 30 minutes is up, I go back into the room and see how I feel.  If something doesn’t look right, it will typically pop-out at me.  Most times though, it looks good, and I just needed to walk away.  Being a perfectionist, I tend to make myself crazy sometimes.  Oh, and I then FaceTime my mom who is also a perfectionist and get her thoughts. #Iammymother

Second and lastly, have fun and don’t overthink it.  Make it your personal style.  Some people like a more county feel, some like very modern and simple.  Whatever your style is, just make it your own.

With Love, Melanie