Happy Friday! Coming at you live with my Friday 5 – Friday musings (truth be told, I actually wrote this on Sunday). This one is a little more serious than some of my other Friday 5 posts.  But, these are all things I have really been thinking about and reflecting on. I wanted to share and hopefully provoke some good conversation.

  1. Time goes by way too fast – so carpe diem. My mother always said – the older you get, the faster time goes. Boy oh boy, she was right. Is it because as we get older and busier that time flies by?  Yet, at the same time, it seems when I reflect that I am keenly aware of how much life we have lived vs. life we haven’t. There are also those nagging “life clocks” that come from the back of our minds when we need to do or haven’t done; things like get married and have babies. All of this has really hit me this year, and it is probably because of dealing with infertility.  There is so much I want to do, yet the time has flown by, and I have little time to do it. With all of that said, I have decided to make a bucket list and keep yearly goals to help alleviate some of my anxiety around this. Does anyone else have this problem? It’s like I am running out of time.
  2. Stuff is not important. This is simple. After Harvey, Irma, Marie and the Mexico earthquake I am re-convinced that stuff doesn’t matter. People and their pets 🙂 are what matter. Hold those you love a little closer, because that’s who irreplaceable.
  3. We need to be kinder to one another. In a world with turbulent politics, bullying, shaming and overall hatred, it is my mission to be kinder to everyone. I don’t care what has happened in the past, what you believe (unless you are a hateful troll), or where you come from. I will be kind. If we all did this, where would we be? Try it. Today, do one random act of kindness and go from there.
  4. Let crap go. Luckily, I am not a grudge holder.  But, we all know those people in our lives that are.  I say let the crap go. Holding on to negativity isn’t good for anyone; especially you!  Again, if we all let go and try to see the good in each other, what can go wrong?
  5. A baby will happen and it will all be at the right time. This one is the most challenging of all. I am not sure I totally believe this one yet, but deep down I know it’s true. Everything else in my life has happened at the right time, so I have to have faith this will too. In my head, I have the little voice. It says I am getting too, old. But, as I’ve already said, I need to let go and let things take their course. I am not scared it won’t happen anymore (thank God) but just anxious about the timing.


I think the recent events of hurricanes and earthquakes perpetuated a lot of my thoughts. However, in this busy world, I need to slow down, and do this on a more regular basis. What have you all been reflecting on?

Have a great weekend everyone!

With Love, Melanie