Fun date ideas Fun Date Ideas fun date ideas

Hi friends! Trent and I love going on dates. In fact, we make a point to go on at least one date a week. The importance of spending time together and doing things we enjoy is absolutely essential to the health of our relationship. I know for some of you with kiddo’s that can be hard, so I will include an idea or 2 that includes the kids. Here are some of our favorite date ideas!

  1. Dinner at home- Trent and I love to cook together so this is always a fun night for us. To make it a “date” we pick out a more intricate recipe and head to the market together. We grab our ingredients and then pick out a nice bottle of wine to compliment what we are cooking up. Once home, we turn on some music, pour some wine and the fun begins. We typically prepare all of the ingredients first by chopping, cutting, and measuring everything. Now that we are organized, we prepare our dinner for that night. We set a nice table and enjoy our creation. A couple of recipes we have loved include this, this, and this. * A way you could involve the kids: Let them prepare a very easy meal or the dessert (if they are old enough) and then play restaurant. They would be the wait staff and you and your man could pretend you are out. Just a little creative way to still enjoy time together while including the kiddos.
  2. Exercise together- Yes, this is a little more labor intensive, but so super fun! Trent and I will go to the gym together or run in Lincoln Park a few times a week. It’s really enjoyable and satisfying coming up with challenging circuits to do. Spinning is something else that really gets our wheels turnin’ (pun totally intended). Also, because I am competitive, he motivates me to work even harder. There we go making each other better…did you throw up in your mouth?
  3. Brunch or Dinner in the city- Ok, ok, so this is kind of a cliché, but it’s not when you live somewhere like Chicago. There are so many good restaurants and so little time. A few of our top picks include Summer House (brunch, lunch or dinner), Le Colonial, Maudes Liquor Bar, and RPM Steak or Italian. There are so many amazing culinary experiences here. You really can’t go wrong. 
  4. Head to the Zoo or a Museum- Another thing we have a lot of here in the Windy City are museums and a free, yes I said free, zoo. On a nice day, walking around Lincoln Park Zoo enjoying an ice cream cone while learning about the animals takes us both back to being kids. As far as the museums go, my favorite is Shedd Aquarium and The Art Institute. We both really like to discover new things and enjoy opening our minds. You are never too old to learn and have fun doing so (nerd alert). Sidenote- we usually end up going to the Bean and doing touristy stuff on the days we explore the museums.
  5. Check out some live music- I love live music and so does hubs! This makes for a fun and lively date idea. We have been to a few concerts, and will be seeing Lady GaGa in August. What!!??? There are a lot of cool local spots to check out bands and even dance! Kingston Mines is a favorite. My husband may disagree…but that’s a whole other story. Let’s just say it involved me and one too many adult beverages. HA!
  6. Broadway in Chicago– Because musicals are so much fun, Trent and I subscribe to Broadway in Chicago Season Tickets. There are many different price levels so you really have no excuse to not see 6 shows every season if you are an avid musical watcher. We always get a little dressed up and either make a nice light dinner, or we grab something before the show. What are some of the best shows we have seen? I am glad you asked. By far Hamilton is #1! Other bests include, Finding Neverland, Aladdin, Sound of Music, Matilda, and Cabaret. Wicked (which I have seen 4 times) is here this season along with others. You must check out Broadway in Chicago if you like musicals at all! Trust me…such a fun date. This could be a great date for a girls night too. Haha or even with the Kids!


What are some of your favorite date ideas? Whatever you do, as long as you’re with the person you love and having fun, that’s all that really matters.  Sometimes curling up and watching a movie on the couch with freshly popped popcorn and a cozy blanket can be the best date, ammiright?

With Love, Melanie