M&m's Favorite Summer Activities

My step-kiddos are dominating Friend’s Edition today with “M&m’s Favorite Summer Activities”. Get ready to plan some fun! Take it away M&m…

We all love summer, but let’s be real; after the first week or so, you run out of ideas. So my little brother Max and I, have some fun and easy ideas to make this summer memorable. Here are a few of our favorites.

On those hot days in the middle of summer, we all love to swim, but the community pool can be way too crowded. So, we like to have our own backyard splash pad. We call this “Water Wars”. The first step is to find anything and everything water related;for example water guns, water balloons, sprinkler, slip and slide, and more. Now, the rest is up to you. Have fun and don’t be afraid to get wet!

Now, not every day in the summer can be sunny and perfect. Believe me those days are the worst. But, one of my favorite indoor things to do in summer is build a fort. This is something that every age can enjoy and guarantees a full day of fun! There are so many different kinds of forts.The possibilities are endless!

One of my little brothers favorite things is to make slime. This is fun and easy to do but does cause a little mess. We usually make it outside so our mom doesn’t freak! All you need is some white liquid Elmer’s Glue, baking soda, saline solution, and food coloring.  This is such a fun and easy way to make slime.

Now, my absolute favorite is to adventure and explore! If you have a local park with grass and trees, or possibly a large backyard, this is for you. See what you can find. Go outside and look around. The other day my brother and I were adventuring through our creek and found a baby turtle and two frogs.

Our last favorite is chalk painting. It is easy and washes off the sidewalk. All you need are some paint brushes, a cup of water and of course chalk. Just put the chalk in the water, pull it out after about 10 seconds, make a big circle with the chalk and then use your paint brushes to color the town!

Summer is a great time to come up with so many fun games and ways to entertain yourselves. We hope you find these activities to your liking, and tell us which ones you enjoyed the most.      

Written by: Madelynn and Max

With Love, Melanie