my friday five

my friday five
my friday five

my Friday five

My Friday Five

my friday five

Hi y’all! Today I am introducing my Friday Five. The idea behind this is that every Friday I will have a topic and 5 things, thoughts, ideas, pictures, recommendations or other randomness that I post about. This week, for instance, I am sharing 5 things I am grateful for.

Hope you enjoy!

  1. Trent! He really is my biggest fan, the peanut butter to my jelly, my “insta” husband, and my best bud. He has been so supportive of the blog and all of my passions. I love you, Boo (I know he will read this…biggest fan, remember).
  2. Living in Chicago. Of all the places I could live, I am so thankful to call Chicago home. Between the lake, the sports, the food, the culture, the arts, the people, and the shopping; I really couldn’t ask for a more beautiful city to be spending my thirties in.
  3. My dad. My dad passed away when I was 25, however, I am still so grateful for his love and encouragement throughout my life. I am who I am today because of him. He taught me so much, most of all, never to give up. He is always in my heart and my thoughts.
  4. My health insurance. HA, I am sure this one is a bit funny but I am so serious. With all of the infertility stuff (read here and here) my insurance has covered most of it. Seriously, this is huge for us. We are able to continue down a very important road that we may not be down otherwise.
  5. Travel. I LOVE to travel!!! Over the last couple of years, I have traveled quite a bit. I have been fortunate to visit a handful of countries in Europe and much of the U.S. Yet, there is still SO much that I need to see. The experiences thus far have only pushed me (and Trent) to work hard, so we can continue our adventures; or Coyventures as we call them.


Okay- a bonus- I am grateful for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. HAHA! Shop my look below. I am dying over this Rebecca Minkoff handbag on sale for under $117. Also, my favorite Steve Madden sandals are not part of Anniversary Sale, but they are 20% off! Happy shopping!

With Love, Melanie