Hi everyone!

I am so sorry for the lapse in blogging! Like many of you, I have been so so busy. I feel like I blinked, then BOOM, October was gone and November is here. Time really does fly; the older you get, the faster it goes. My mom always said that, yet I didn’t really feel it until the last couple of years. So, what have I been up to then? Jeeessshhhh! Where do I even start? Let’s do an October Recap…rewind.

In August, I took a new job that has been fulfilling but also kicking my ass. I have been really focused on that, and as I have ramped up, I had to take a little time off on WLM. Never again! LOL! At least, I hope.

In September, I have to admit it wasn’t so crazy. But, then came October…wooo weeeee, busy doesn’t even begin to explain it. Here is a little recap of October and what has been happening in my life.

The beginning of the October Trent and I took a little trip to NYC. He had meetings and so did I; it worked out perfectly. While we were there, we decided to enjoy ourselves a bit with shopping, eating, eating, did I mention eating. We saw Waitress the musical. Ha, even the musical was related to food. #thestruggleisreal! I must let you guys know that if you have the opportunity to see Waitress, it is AHMAZING! A couple of the restaurants we tried include: The Dutch and Piccola Cucina Osteria.  I put my stamp of approval on both.

Sadly, the Las Vegas shootings occurred while we in New York.  Afterwards, I felt drained.  I’m not going to lie. I think I slipped into a minor depression and felt a sense of division that I haven’t felt since right after the election. It was too much, and I needed a little break. I focused on work (because I really had to) and my family.

Once I started bouncing back to normal, I enjoyed a weekend of #giltsale with my girl, Julie and brunch with my friend, Amanda. For Brunch we went to Maison Marcel. The avocado toast is decadent with poached eggs and all. The next day, we went to see my step-daughter and spent a day at the apple orchard. A separate post to come on that.

After that weekend, I started to feel incredibly tired; exhausted in fact. I kept on keeping on though. My husband thought/thinks that my thyroid is acting up. If you have followed me, you know I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (autoimmune disease – the thyroid directly effects your energy levels through the hormones it produces). Womp womp…is this post depressing you? HAHAHA! Gotta keep it real!

The next week I traveled to Pittsburgh for work. Truth be told it was actually 2 hours east of Pitt and my clients HQ was in the middle of nowhere! I had thoughts of Pennsylvania Chainsaw Massacre. Sorry PA peeps! It is like that in every state at some point, right? Ok…nothing too exciting to share about this trip. Mooooving on…

The next weekend came, and I was excited! Our friends Bobbie Jo, Ryan and baby Quentin were in town. We were lucky enough to host them for the weekend. That Friday evening we went to Crosby’s Kitchen (what’s new?) and then Jeni’s Ice Cream. Their milkiest chocolate is heaven on earth. They had a pumpkin spice flavor, too that was melt in your mouth delish! On to Saturday- it rained- all. day. Needless to say, we cozied up and chilled out for the day. Trent made chili that evening, and we had people over for our friend Shannon’s birthday. The theme was game night. Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples and Taboo were the birthday girl’s picks. I am so competitive when it comes to games, and so our most of our friends, so it gets F’ing nuts intense.

Sunday came and our friend’s went back to the Sunshine State. I had a brunch that I had been looking forward to for 2 months! I met up with about 6 other bloggers in the area. It was the first time we were all getting together. It kinda felt like a first date! HA! We met up at Beatrix in Fulton Market. It was so fun getting to know each of them better and drinking bottomless mimosas. I know I have mentioned it before, but blogging has truly brought some amazing women into my life and for that I am so thankful.

Sunday night…this is a long post hahaha…stay with me. Trent, Julie, Kristen and I went to Les Miséraables at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. It took my breath away. Yes, I cried. I had all the feelings. Not to mention, I kept picturing Hugh Jackman up on stage.

Fast forward to the 3rd Thursday of October, and it was time for a GNO! Me and 3 of my girlfriends went to see Whitney Cummings live. HER-LARIOUS! She did the quintessential comparison of a 20 something and a 30 something. Basically, we use dry shampoo most days and enjoy leggings and sneakers more than when we were in our 20’s. Truth makes for the best comedy!

As Friday came, so did a cold. I was full of the sniffles and ithcy/sore throat. So rest came and more rest. Until Sunday…that was my Birthday brunch at home that Trent was cute enough to organize with our friend Kristen. You guys, they were so creative and thoughtful with all of the planning. They made decorations, got flowers, picked up balloons and made the whole thing so special. All of my friends brought some type of breakfast/brunch food and we had mimosas galore. It was really special for my 29th birthday (I wish).

Monday came and my cold was back in full force. This sucked since it was my actual Birthday. I did manage to make it to get my hair done. A lot of you have asked me about my hair, if you are local to Chicago, go see Melissa. She is amazing! Comment and I can give you her info. Ok, after my hair I really just wanted to go home and go to sleep. Trent however insisted we at least grab birthday dinner since my hair was already done. Who can argue with that? We ended up grabbing oysters at Oyster Bah and I had key lime pie for my birthday dessert.

Ok, back to work and back into the burbs for a couple of days. That same week I also had a day trip to Minneapolis. My week was pretty much shot. That weekend following finally gave me some time to catch up on a couple of things and reset. I am finally feeling like my job is settling a bit (or I know what I am doing) and that we have some order around the next couple of months. That brings us to now.

Things never really slow down do they. I have a lot planned for November, and as we go into December. It is officially the holiday season. I have big plans personally but also for the blog. I promise I am working to balance it all better and I am so grateful you continue to follow along. I cannot wait for you guys to see what I have in store!

Outfit Details:

I gotta tell y’all, I am obsessed with my sweater blazer or as I like to call it, swazer. The color goes with everything. I have worn this for work and play. It’s seriously so versatile. It’s made of merino wool so it’s super warm. My leopard print button up is older (similar here), but I wear it on repeat. The camel loafers (old and similar here) are so comfortable and again, can be dressed up or down. You’ll see that a lot within my wardrobe. Happy Shopping!

With Love, Melanie