Looking for an outfit that won’t break the bank? If you know me, you know I LOVE to shop. Because of my little addiction, I need to make sure I find cute, affordable fashion and outfits that won’t break the bank. But, don’t get me wrong, I have some really nice staples. Yet, for the trendier items, I tend to find sales or shop at the more affordable stores.


This outfit for example, incorporates some nice bargains. The dress I picked up at Target as I thought it would transition from summer into fall. I absolutely adore to drink wine the wine color, and it’s super comfy!

You’ll find that denim jackets are one of my go-to’s in the summer months. It’s so completely versatile and keeps me warm on those cooler summer nights.

A little side note on the denim jacket…when I first met my husband, he thought I was so 80’s wearing a jean jacket. Really, he thought I was SO out of style. I subtly (ok that’s a lie) – I made it clear how cool I was and that it really is in style. As he started shopping with me, he soon began to see that tons of retailers were selling the “80’s jean jacket”. It also helped that when he was in L.A. he saw lot’s of ladies sporting them as well. Sometimes you just gotta remind your husband how cool you are. hahahahaha


My shoes are some of my favorites right now. I saw them at Nordstrom and loved them, but I was in a hurry and didn’t scoop them up. Totally regretting that choice, I searched for them online. Of course they were out of my size. UGH! So I did what any reasonable human would do, I ordered them in a 6 and a 7. This way, I could try them both on and return the size that didn’t work. Anyone else guilty of doing this?

So, what are my favorite stores with more affordable pieces? My go-to’s are Target, Old Navy, J. Crew Factory, H&M, Zara and LOFT.


Ummmm, can we just talk about these earrings? I seriously adore these. They find their way to my ears at least twice a week, and I have A LOT of earrings to choose from. They give off a hipster vibe but go well with preppy outfits, too!

So…some of the ways I find good deals is to sign up for emails through each of the stores I like and buy from the most. Yes, it can end up being a lot of spam emails, but I benefit from knowing when there are sales, discounts, and/or promotions.


What about you? What stores do you LOVE that tend to be a little less stress on the wallet?

With Love, Melanie