Ready for another gift guide? Shopping for a teen girl can be a little challenging at times due to all of the new trends (honestly they are old trends making a comeback). I thought I would help y’all out. So, I put together this Teen Holiday Gift Guide. To be candid, my stepdaughter who is 13 helped a bit. It’s nice that I can put her to work. HA! Actually, she is working on starting her own blog. I’ll let you know once it’s live.

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1. Adidas Sneakers  2. Furry Backrest  3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera Bundle  4. Onesie  5. Chanel Chance  6. Initial Necklace  7. iPhone Phone Case  8. Lip Gloss  9. Sweatshirt  10. Birkenstocks  11. S’well Water Bottle  12. Wireless Headphones  13. Crossbody Purse  14. Naked Eyeshadow Palette  15. UGG Boots

Let’s talk about some of my favorites and hers. Again, this is coming from in depth research with my teenage stepdaughter…meaning it’s legit.

I think the thing that is most fun about all of this are the things that have made a comeback – Adidas, polaroids and Birkenstocks…OH MY!

I’d like that camera especially because it comes in so many pretty pastel colors. Mint, blush and white…swoon! It does crack me up that it’s a polaroid though. The fact we are living in the digital age and this is the cool thing to have. Well, it’s ironic.

Adidas and Birekenstocks aren’t far behind. Not that they were ever “out”, but the popularity with the teen girls is prevalent; both are on Maddie’s Christmas list this year. I wonder if she’s been naughty or nice???? I guess we will see what Santa’s list says.

Back to the 21st century. I want that phone case. Isn’t it just mesmerizing??? There are million to choose from these days but this one is “in” because of the stone like appearance. I love it!

Now, who wants to listen to some tunes…yep, I know, the kids don’t call them tunes #thisis37. The headphones are wireless with such a pretty flare. Rose gold is all the rage. Using that lingo, I bet Maddie thinks I am cool. HAHAHAHAH NOT!

Make-up, make-up, make-up… I am not adding a contouring kit because these kids don’t realize how damn good they have it. They need to embrace their gorgeous skin! So, even though that’s really popular, I am throwing them a big, fat “whatever”. I did add some safer beauty lip glosses in shades of nude/pink (wear that on Wednesday) and of course a Naked eyeshadow palette.

UGG, is it Christmas break yet, I can hear Maddie saying. I know she is excited for all of the Holiday festivities as am I. She will probably get comfy in some UGGs and a onesie. As if she would wear anything else.

To top it off, every girl needs a pretty pendant necklace with their initial. I found this one and thought it was perfect for this age group. Or, my age group. Here is another one that I recommend. In fact, I loved this one so much that I have one too.

What other trends have you seen for teens? I hope this helps complete that list for the tweens to teens in your life. I know it helped me. Merry holiday shopping!

With Love, Melanie