With the new year comes a healthier year! It also brings a brand new Friend’s Edition authored by my friend and fellow blogger of Another Sunny Day, Elizabeth. She is all about wellness while looking adorable. She has really gotten into clean beauty so I asked her to share her thoughts on Beautycounter. As you know, I too am passionate about safe and clean self care. Check out her post and let me know if you have any favorite safe products you love…Beautycounter or not.


The transition to clean, safe beauty products can be overwhelming at first. I had heard a lot about safer skincare prior to making the transition but had no idea where to start, so I kept putting it off.

A couple months later, my doctor asked me what types of skincare products I was using. She stressed that in order to truly heal myself, I needed to clean out my bathroom cabinet. As we went through the list of products I use regularly, I was surprised to find that not a single one of them was considered safe.

I started researching more about the ingredients in my makeup and skincare products and ended up confused. Some brands that I thought were cleaner and safer turned out not to be and I had a hard time determining which brands were good to use. Luckily, about that same time a friend introduced me to Beautycounter products.

Beautycounter makes it so much easier to find safe skincare. It’s difficult to look at the label on the back of lotion and know if it contains harmful ingredients, especially when first making the transition. With Beautycounter, I was able to have a place to shop for products that I knew only uses safe ingredients.

The Never List

On their website is the Never List which shows the 1,500 chemicals that will NEVER be in their products because they have been proven by science to be harmful. Knowing this helps me feel comfortable trying any of their products without risk to my health.

It takes out the complicated part of looking at an ingredient list and not knowing what the scientific terms are and having to research each ingredient. I can be confident that any product I buy from Beautycounter will be safe and good for my skin.

The Smell

Another reason I love Beautycounter products is the smell. One of my favorite products is the Body Butter in citrus mimosa. The smell is heavenly and it’s extra moisturizing which is perfect for a Chicago winter where keeping my skin hydrated is difficult. It’s a delightful orange scent that puts a smile on my face!

My shampoo and conditioner also have the citrus mimosa scent. I actually look forward to washing my hair now because I love when it smells like my shampoo!

The Products Work

I was a little worried at first that by cutting the chemicals out of my products, they wouldn’t work very well. Fortunately, that hasn’t been my experience with Beautycounter.

My body butter and shampoo I mentioned earlier work better than anything I’ve used in the past. Also, since I’ve started using my Charcoal Bar as face wash, I can’t imagine going back to my old products. They just don’t work as well!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to give Beautycounter a try, I recommend it 100%. If you’re just getting started, start with the basics! As you try more products though, your collection of favorites will grow, just like mine has. 

With Love, Melanie